June 06, 2018


            The sun is shining, the beaches are getting crowded, and our boots are stored away in our closets- summer is officially here! It’s time to say goodbye to your weekend long Netflix binges, get out there and make this your best summer yet.  To kick off one of our favorite seasons of the year, we’ve compiled a list of must-do’s (a summer bucket list, you could say) to make your summer incredible.


  1. Travel to a new place.Even if it’s just a few towns away, embrace your wanderlust and go somewhere you’ve never been before. You might find something you absolutely adore, or at least have a great story to tell your friends later on.
  2. Relax in the sunshine. Whether it’s by the pool or letting the beach waves hit your toes, grab your favorite floppy hat, beachy dress and a delicious frozen cocktail and enjoy the sun! You’ll get a good dose of vitamin D and have an amazing tan later on (just don’t forget your sunscreen!).
  3. Learn a new skill. Summer is the perfect time to try things you haven’t done before. Attend a new yoga class, learn to paddleboard, or bring your friend to that painting workshop you’ve been begging her to go to with you. You may end up finding a brand new favorite hobby!
  4. Attend a music festival. Summer means that music festival season has arrived! Get your girl gang and your favorite outfit and spend some days listening to incredible bands and soaking up all of the good vibes. Our personal choice of outfit for musical festival season this year? A maxi romper with chunky jewelry and casual sandals. You’ll be looking like a boho chic queen and still be comfortable in the crowds.
  5. Host a brunch with your favorite gal pals. Nothing says summer to me like sitting outside and enjoying a good meal with friends. What better meal to enjoy than brunch? Whether you’re trying trendy brunch place that everyone eats at or attempting to make homemade Belgian waffles, you’ll have an amazing time and great food. On top of that, brunch always makes the best Instagram pics.
  6. Go to an amusement park. Nothing says summer fun better than carnival or theme park! Let your inner child out, ride some roller coasters, and eat those fried Oreos you’ve been dying to try.
  7. Have or go to a bonfire. Remember the days at summer camp when you would sit around the bonfire at the end of the night? Recreate that special moment! Just be safe with the fire, and make sure to bring tons of s’mores supplies for everyone.
  8. Enjoy every moment. Summer is the time to step back from life, let loose, and relax. Enjoy and embrace it. Live in each moment and you’ll definitely make the most of your summer.

What are you going to do to make summer 2018 your best one yet? Comment and let us know what must-haves are on your bucket list!






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